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5 Practical Parenting Tips To Protect Your Child From Abuse

Once upon a time, parents didn't have to worry about putting their children in the custody of family members, relations, and even neighbors, while they go about their daily activities.

In fact, my parents lived with relatives and my elder sister literally spent her early childhood in the custody of our grandparents.

We also had other relatives living with us, all in a bid to allow children learn and inculcate good behaviors (as defined by the Nigerian culture) 

Never did it occur to them that their children were not safe; from physical violence, human trafficking, child labour and sexual abuse, not until recently.

In order that you and I will not allow same in our vicinity, is why the the international Children's Day came about.

The International Children's Day is an annual event celebrated by different countries on different days as a time to reflect, and promote awareness on issues around childhood.

The day is usually anchored on a certain theme and this year's theme is on “Creating Safe Spaces for Children: Our Collective Responsibility.

Tips To Keep Your Children Safe 

Children are naive to a lot of things. Most times, they do not understand why you are asking them to do or not to do certain things. 

This is why as a parent, you need to be logical and systematic in your approach to keeping your children safe, especially if you are always away from home.

Growing up, there were certain things I craved and wished my parents had done. Certain things I wished they had taught, and certain things I wish they had said. 

Away from the regular "you will get pregnant if u go close to a man" or "if you get pregnant, I will throw you out."

I have written this post from my childhood view, in the hope that it helps a parent understand how to create a safe space for her child or children.

  • Communication: Always keep the communication line active. We want to be able to talk to you. We want you to be approachable. We want you to be our besties. Most children usually don't tell parents or guardians what they are going through over fear of been blamed or disciplined. However, make it known to your child that no matter what happens, you want to know and that it is NEVER okay to keep things,  especially body secrets, from you.
  • Educate and make them aware of necessary adulthood information:  Educate your kids about body parts early. Name them appropriately and educate them on their uses. Feel comfortable using the appropriate words, as it will help the child talk clearly if something inappropriate occurs. Tell them which is private, how it is private and why it must remain private. 
  • Set family boundaries: Set rules and guidelines for every member of the family on the rights to privacy; in dressing, bathing, sleeping and other personal activities. If anyone direspect these rights, appropriate corrective measure or disciplinary action be taken. 
  • Reinforce acceptance and rejection: Let your child know that they do not have to do anything they don't like with an adult, especially in respect to their body, even if it is someone they know or are supposedly close to the family. Teach them that their “no” should be respected, whether it’s in playing or tickling or any other ways. 
  • Today's children are smart, so answer any of their questions truthfully, else, they will seek the answers from outside sources
  • Overall, be tolerant, observant, and be a listening ear.

How close were you with your parents?  How did they keep you safe?  What communication mode was used in your home? Share your thoughts and let the conversation continue in the comment box.  

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My First Time In A Nigerian Political Gathering

Relishing My First Political Gathering 

Have you ever attended a political gathering? Well, on May 20, I attended my first one and it was that of Fela Durotoye! You know 2019 elections are drawing closer and so are the aspirants. 

Fela is a man I distantly admire and loved for his speaking skills. I have learnt a lot from as a distant and unknown student but he was coming to Ilorin? That was definitely one event I wouldn't want to miss, even though this time, it was for political reasons. All I longed for was to hear him speak.

Okay, so let me start properly. My sister got back from school on Friday, and said "Fela is coming to Ilorin at Mazabs Event Center! I was like, "Wow, I would love to be there!

I tried to register through the link she sent to me but I was unable to click submit. After trying for some time, I gave up that Saturday, thinking that without registration, I would not be able to get access into the hall.

Fast forward to Sunday morning at work, I couldn't stop thinking about the event and told myself to try one last time. So, I tried again, but this time, I used a desktop and voila! 

The event was scheduled for 3pm but I got there around 3:30 and guess what?  The program had started and even Fela was already seated in the hall. I was beyond impressed. No African time.

It was later at home that my sister was telling me that Fela had lamented the African time ideology, stating it as part of the salient issues he would deal with, if he gets the highest stool of the country.

Away from that, the conduct and atmosphere were very conducive, unlike my concocted perception of a "normal political setting", which would have political logos, dancing women, security guards, thugs, and whatever. I know my parents would cringe so hard if they ever knew that I attended a political gathering.

For the content of the event, I have to doff my cap for Fela for retaining his good speaking skills. He was able to carry everyone along his presentation with various forms of illustrations.

It was a thought provoking event. One that will make you desirous for a new direction for the country except you ain't loyal.

The one illustration I won't forget in a hurry was that of a horse tied to a plastic chair. The illustration tries to tell us that anything that makes the horse to sneeze, the chair falls flat on the ground. It indirectly refers that we, as the youths are been tied down now and until, we take d big step to make a single sneeze, then status quo will be disrupted.

The other one was the video of late Abubakar Tafawa Balewa. OMG, you need to watch the video and see how much respect the world used to have for Nigerians. He was eagerly been waited for by the British citizens and officials at the airport.

His command of English was beyond reasonable doubt. You would never have been able to say what part of the country he came from. It was sound and fluent. Everyone in the hall was amazed, like for someone in the last 50 years or thereabout, it was the highlight of a once brilliant country.

Truth is, with that video, you would ask yourself what, where and how did the country got it all wrong? 

As much as the hall reverberated for a new Nigeria, Fela called back our attention to the fact that until we are ready to take action, only then, will things change because no one will hand over power to youths. You have to take it!

He also stated the obvious fact that, to achieve that purpose, you need your PVC, which of course would not be easy.

But if you truly want it, you will strive to get it. Only then will you have completed half of your electoral responsibility.

Though I was unable to stay till the end of the program, I must confess that for me, it was one of the best places I spent my Sunday.

My reservation about the gathering was that it seems more like that of a personal development seminar. Maybe because of my previous view of Fela as a leadership coach, rather than a politician, or maybe because the gathering consisted of mostly youths and devoid of other political shenanigans.

However, overall, it was an insightful political gathering that highlights why Nigeria needs new leaders and not recycled ones. A new chance to move forward. A new beginning for a better growth. And a call for youths participation in the political process of this country.

Thank you for reading this far. 
God bless you and God bless Nigeria!!!

Have you ever attended or are you a regular attendant at any political gathering? Did I attend a normal or abnormal political gathering? Share all your thoughts in the comment box, so we can learn more about it. 

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3 Important Tips To Be Successful As A Millennial

3 Special Buildings Every Millennial Needs To Embark On Right Now
As a millennial, whether you intend to start a business or work for/in someone else's enterprise, there are 3 important things you need to get ahead and be successful.

By making these things a part and parcel of your life, you are definitely on the path to attaining the peak of your success. These tips will elevate you, your purpose, and take you to places you dream about, within yourself, every rising day.

It's about personal growth, and ways by which you can easily achieve the success you seek. So what exactly are these special buildings and how will it make you successful?

3 Special Buildings Every Millennial Needs

  • Building Yourself: In order to achieve success as a millennial, building yourself should be a crucial part of the process. Take new courses, attend purposeful gatherings, volunteer your time. I mean, just get better, so much that every new day, there is a new thing you are doing. It will eventually pay off in whatever way or wherever you find yourself. Remember also that it is only when you build yourself that you can add value to other people. 
3 Special Buildings Every Millennial Needs Right Now
Build Yourself

  • Building Relationships: Have you ever heard the quote "your network is your networth"? Well,  there is no doubt about this. As a millennial, another special building you need to be successful is good relationships. When you meet people, you should not let them get away before pitching yourself to them. Working with other people with the same interest and value provide a stronger foundation  that will enable you attain a high level of success than you would on your own. This is why today, collaboration is the new deal. 
3 Special Buildings Every Millennial Needs Right Now
Build Relationships

  • Building Faith: Faith is an integral aspect of life and will make you a better person. You shoulrenew your mind with the word of God always. Faith is the one thing that can get you through any situation, no matter how tough it may be. You should make this building a part and parcel of not only your millennial life, but also, through the days of your life. 
Building faith is a special building every millennial should embark on
Build your faith
Overall, embarking on a total combination of these three special buildings, will help you attain the purpose you want to achieve, and the success story you want to tell others. Take a time-out, think it through, and take action! 

What other special buildings you think a millennial needs now? Share your thoughts in the comment box and lets add to our knowledge base. 

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10 Beautiful Tourist Sites To Visit BeforeThey Go Extinct

10 beautiful tourist sites to visit before they go extinct

As climate change continues to take a drastic toll on the world, several nature sites are fast depleting and going into extinction. However, here is a collation of 10 beautiful tourist sites to visit before they go into extinction.

I bet your eyes will drool along with the images. If you already have any of these places on your bucket list, I think you should pack your bags as soon as you can before they completely deplete into extinction. And just because I live in Nigeria, let's start the tour from there.

  • Ikogosi Warm Spring: This unique spring is located in the Southwest region of Nigeria. Its uniqueness lies in the meeting point of the warm and cold springs, with each spring retaining its thermal identity. The warm spring has a temperature of about 70 degrees C at the source and 37 degrees C after meeting the cold spring. However, this fascinating site is at the debris of its end, largely because of lack of maintenance and climatic change. 

Ikogosi Warm Springs. Photo from Guardian

  • The Congo Basin: This place is the world’s second largest rainforest, spanning six countries. The forest is a host to approximately 10,000 species of tropical plants and of which,  30 percent are unique to the area. The Congo Basin is rapidly deteriorating for many reasons as mining, illegal logging, poaching, deforestation, and guerrilla warfare. It has been said that at least two-thirds of the Congo Basin could disappear within 50 years. 

2nd Largest Rainforest; Congo Basin. Photo from

  • Lake Chad: This Chad lake bordering four countries used to be the sixth largest in Africa but may in the coming years, be a shadow of itself. This is because the lake providing livelihood sustenance for over 40 million people, has shrunk by 90 percent of its size; from about 25,000sq km to its current state of 1,350sq km largely because of overuse of water, unplanned irrigation, desertification, and insurgency.

Lake Chad shore. Photo from Guardian

  • Madagascar Flora and Fauna: Madagascar’s unique flora and fauna (80 percent of which only exist in Madagascar) are under the threat of constant logging, poaching, and burning. If action isn’t taken to stop the destruction and restore the resources of the fourth largest island in the world, the country’s unique plants and animals — many of which have never even been studied — will be lost forever.

Madagascar's Fauna is one of 10 Remarkable Tourist Sites To Visit Before They Go Extinct

  • Mount Kilimanjaro: Even the highest peak in Africa located in Tanzania may no longer be available in some years to come. This is as a result of the continuous fall in its ice sheet.  It has been reported that between 1912 and 2007, Kilimanjaro's ice sheet shrank by a whopping 85%.

Mount Kilimanjaro. Photo from

  • The Door to Hell on Earth: This place is a 230-foot-wide crater in the middle of the Karakum desert. It is a flaming big hole that won't stop burning since 1971, when a Soviet scientist team was said to have set up a drilling platform, looking for natural gas reserves. However, the rig collapsed. Fearing the spread of poisonous methane gas, the scientists were said to have set the crater on fire hoping it would burn out in few hours. However, until today, the fire has continued to burn which is over 40 years already.

 Door to Hell on Earth
The Door to Hell on Earth. Photo from ClimateViewer

  • The Maldives: The Maldives is said to be the lowest-lying country in the world and is reputed to be an exotic getaway destination. However, the place is also one of the endangered tourist sites as it is also undergoing a climate change of historic proportion, with sea levels rising noticeably from the melting of glaciers and icebergs. If the trend continues, the Maldives will be completely submerged in 30 years. Do you know that the Maldivian government is already purchasing land in other countries so that it may be able to relocate its people if the Maldives finally disappears under the ocean?
The Maldives just about 2m from sea level
  • The Dead Sea Experience: The sea which makes people float like a fishing bobber is located in Jordan. The Dead Sea has already sunk by 80 feet in the past 40 years largely because countries continue to use the River Jordan which is the only place the Dead Sea gets its water from. Cosmetic companies mining for minerals have also caused further drain. Researchers have disclosed that if the Jordan River continues to be used at such a rapid rate, the Dead Sea could be completely extinct in 50 years. 
The Dead Sea, Jordan
The Dead Sea, Jordan. Photo from

  • The Taj Mahal: 
    The world’s famous mausoleum located in India may no longer be accessible to tourists in the years to come. This is because it has also fallen victim to air pollution and what has also been called “shoddy restorations" which continues to affect its exteriors. Recently, vehicles have been banned from getting close to the site. In fact, several preservation groups and UNESCO are urging the Taj Mahal to close its doors to visitors in order to preserve what’s left of the palace. So, if this place is on your bucket list, you might have to tick it off as soon as possible before its door closes.
The Taj Mahal of India
The Taj Mahal in India. Photo from

  • The Great Walls of China: The construction of the wall dates as far back as the third century but was said to have been completed during the Ming era between 1368 and 1644 took thousands of years to complete. The wall was built then to protect China from invaders and today, it stands as the country's foremost tourist destination. However, the famous Asian wall is disappearing gradually as a result of natural erosion, brick theft,  and tourists etching graffiti on the walls.
The ancient wall of China. Photo from Google

Most of the places will not be around in the near future as a result of human's insatiable quest for survival and development. It, therefore, behooves us to pay attention to the environment, treat it with the utmost care, and pamper a little.

Mother Earth deserves these little efforts of ours as a payment for all the assets it bequeaths on us. Therefore, whatever little part you can play, do it so that we will not only be protecting ourselves and the environment but also be saving the treasures for the coming generations too. 

Thank you for stopping by and if there are any other places you know that should be included in this list, please do leave me a message in the comment section.

Don’t forget to also like and share the post...Gracias!!!

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5 Strategies To Positively Stand Out In A Crowd

Standing out is to be different but when there are many people around or already in the same business or niche as yours. How then can you positively stand out in your chosen field, business, or among colleagues?

Everyone wants to be known for one thing or the other but as social beings, we continue to want to blend into the society and with everyone else, but the truth remains that, in order to get the best of yourself, achieve your purpose, and become a thought leader, you have to break away from the norms. You have to stand out!

Why do you need to stand out?

  • To carve a niche for yourself 
  • So as not to be ignored for the most important opportunities
  • To maximize your overall potential
  • Following the crowd is slow and exhaustive

How can you stand out from the crowd? 
Here are 5 strategies that promise to help you stand out from the crowd. These are not a get-quick means, requires efforts but can be applied in every sphere of life.

  • Go the extra mile: Go beyond just doing things. It is only by going the extra mile that you break boundaries. Every successful person/business/outfit you see out there took a leap to achieve unimaginable things.  You can't stay right where you are and expect success to land at your feet. No, you have to stretch out your hands for it. You have to leave your comfort zone. Taking risks opens you to new capabilities, develops your confidence, stand you out, and eventually, leads you to rewards. 

Going the extra mile will positively stand you out
Going the extra mile will positively stand you out 

  • Identify Your Strengths: What are you good at? If you are not sure, you can seek answers from your family and friends too. Try to also listen to your emotions, the little signs life gives, and the things that make you tick. Then, focus on developing it. Be willing to make mistakes. Do not expect perfectionism. You don't always have to get it the right the first time. Keep striving, keep growing and keep getting valuable.

  • Be of Service: Opportunities to serve people are always at our doorstep but how many times have you done so? Take a step by doing things for others. Volunteer to get things done. You have no money? Volunteer your time. Reach out. Be Useful. It takes no dime from your pocket. The benefits? It makes people interested in you and what you have to offer. 

Strategies to positively stand out in a crowd

  • Develop Yourself: If you want to stand out, you must consciously embrace distinct qualities and character. Develop yourself.  Do this by learning new things, take new courses, find new hobbies. By the time you are through, you will rediscover new things about yourself, possess the vitality to achieve more and start feeling like a freshly baked bread... Lol (I am just kidding). 

  • Do Something That You Believe In: In doing this, you are already stepping yourself away from the crowd. Find your interest. Whatever the cause, job, or even talent you believe in, start doing it or keep doing it. Remember, it is the tiny thing that makes the big difference.

And here is a bonus strategy for you at no fee! 

  • Believe in yourself: Even though, this seems vague but know that even if you attain all the above-discussed potentials, you would never be able to fully harness if you let doubts sway you. Believe that you can do. It may take time but it will definitely come. Understand that you need to believe in yourself before someone else believes in you. Put it in your very best and let God do the rest for you. 

Using these conscious strategies to stand out, I hope it transforms you to be a diamond in a world full of pebbles. Remember that it is the extraordinary thing that captures peoples' attention. Do you know that standing out is as simple as basically outperforming expectations?

What conscious strategy has helped you or is still helping you stand out? I definitely want to hear from you. So, let's keep the discussion rolling in the comment box. 

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International Mother Language Day And My Own Little Regret

How Are You Preserving Your Mother Language? 

2018 International Mother Language Day

As the globe celebrates the International Mother Language Day (IMLD) on Wednesday to preach the importance of protecting mother languages, I am one of the persons who silently regret the inability to fulfil such duty.

According to UNESCO, at least, a language disappears on the average of every two weeks, which is why the day was set aside to promote mother languages.

We need not be told by UNESCO because, in this part of the world I live, parents are more fascinated and pleased with the kids that sprout with English thereby relegating mother tongues to the background. 

Growing up, I had wanted to learn how to speak my language (NUPE) fluently. In fact,  I had a book which I used for jotting down lessons from my mum. I even went as far as writing down words, phrases, and sentences in there and speaking it to anyone who cares to listen (or not) in the family but what happened? 

It was fun and I was doing fine until dad told mum not to spoil my oyinbo. He also mentioned other reasons that I wasn't privy to get. Anyway, my mum as an obedient wife stopped and that ended the the  fascination of a little girl's dream to learn her mother language.

Celebrating Mother Language Day

In fact, during my undergraduate days, I once considered joining the Nupe Students association, but then, I realized that the official language during those meetings was usually in the language. No,  it's not their fault and that's how it should be. 

You know, I used to and still extremely jealous of the Ebira people. They speak their language everywhere they meet themselves. I have not seen an Ebira indigene that can't speak his/her language. They teach them from home. 

I remember there was a day I rode a motorcycle. Few minutes into the journey, the rider received a call and the language of conversation was NUPE, my language. 

My face lit up and immediately he ended the call, I engaged him in a conversation, eager to relate with him as per my tribesman.  The spirit in me forgot to remind myself that I didn't even know how to speak the language that would connect us together. 

Then, the man asked me to just say a sentence in the language as a proof and I had to start the pathetic story of "I don't know how to speak the language thing". 

I was hurt, ashamed, and above all, disappointed but eventually, I remembered the only sentence I grew up not forgetting; "Da la esan be" which means bring me the salt. You see my life? But the rider seemed impressed a bit,  admonished me,  and finally reduced my transport fare. 

Now, I have to admit that I already stopped claiming to be from Nupe because I don't know how to speak the language and I never actually visited my hometown. 

Now, I am Yoruba even though the man responsible doesn't want to even hear me say that but wetin man pikin go do? I have to claim a tribe and that is the closest tribe to me since I grew up in Lagos.

Sometimes, dad even goes as far as asking me if there is a Nupe man for me to marry and I am always like..

So, in the celebration of International Mother Language Day, please let the kids learn to speak their language. Let's save the planet a little less worry.  It hurts and I still regret my inability to speak it but there is nothing I can do about it. So, imbibe culture. 

Speaking an indigenous language will not stop you from sparking (in Jenifa's voice) in English.

What do you think about this day? Do you know that UNESCO even advocates speaking mother languages in the public and on the internet?  Can you speak your language or not? Get in the comment box and let's discuss.

And please remember to share the post so that others can benefit too. You know love is sharing!!!

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7 Cheap And Useful Gift Ideas For Bibliophiles

Cheap And Useful Gift Ideas For Bibliophiles

7 cheap and exciting gift ideas for a bibliophile
7 cheap and useful gift ideas for a bibliophile 

Since it's the season of love and we all are bustling to show love to our family,  friends,  partners, and acquaintances, I bring to you some cheap and useful gift ideas to reward a bibliophile around you. 

I used the word bibliophile to cover those who love to read, those who admire book and those who collect books.

So you have that person who loves to read and you don't know what to buy? Well, look no further as I present to you some cheap and useful gifts.

The best part of these gifts is that you can go the extra mile to customize them with some funny and inspirational quotes that will have the person give you the "you are the best thing that has happened to me" look.

  • Duvet Covers: What sounds better than a bibliophile wrapped or snuck up in a duvet with a book in the garden, on the bed, or even in a home library,  hun? 

Perfect gift to help a bibliophile read in bed

  • Portable Music Ipods/MP3 Players: It is no longer news how much some bibliophile enjoy listening to music because of its soothing ability and taking you places beyond imaginations. Music and books?  Good combo! If the bibliophile in your life enjoys music too,  why don't you get this? 

  • Bookmarks: Save a bibliophile the stress of going through book pages to know where he or she previously stopped reading before closing the book.  In fact,  this is one of the cheapest and useful gifts you can give any bibliophile.

A bookmark 

  • Coffee/Tea Mugs: Sometimes, a mug is enough reason to inspire a bibliophile to read. Oh, this is yet another cheap and exciting gift for your bibliophile pezin.  Duvet and Mugs just have a way of making you want to read. You might even want to get both if your budget can cover it. 

Customised mug for the bibliophile 

  • Bookends: They help to support books as arranged. It prevents books from falling away.  So you get how useful they will be to any bibliophile? 

Bookends to save books from falling off

  • Throw pillows: No,  this isn't enough reason for them to sleep off while reading. It is a simple way of saying "relax and be healthy while you read" and the "don't break your back" sort of care. 

  • Tote Bags: We do need somewhere to put our books, journals, pen, and other things we move about with, isn't it? And they are not even expensive at all.  So what do you say? Buy it. 

Note: All pictures are sourced from and You can find all of these cheap and useful gifts on Etsy,  Amazon, and even within your reach here in Nigeria.

What do you think about these cheap and useful gift ideas for bibliophiles? What other useful gift would you recommend?  I would love to hear it all, so please leave your comment. Thankxxxx.

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5 Practical Parenting Tips To Protect Your Child From Abuse

Once upon a time, parents didn't have to worry about putting their children in the custody of family members, relations, and even n...